Other Activities

Mayon ATV Tour's Other Activities

Tree Planting

As a nature adventurer, we want to protect our environment, with that we have tree planting activities at the summit of Mayon Volcano. Trees provide so many benefits to our everyday lives and it can help save the Earth from climate change. This helps maintain Mayon Volcano's beauty at its finest. This is our own way to help our environment so we can both protect and enjoy the wonders of Mayon Volcano. Fun way of doing it?
Remember the spot where you planted your tree in our Mayon ATV Summit trail and come back some other time to see how tall it grew!


One of the best experience ko ito, sobrang enjoy ang ATV rides! Best adventure and highly recommended!



Lava Wall Hiking / Zipline

Want to spice up your Mayon ATV tour? Enjoy our Lava Wall hiking and Zipline! You will be hiking up to the top of the Mayon’s Black Lava wall, the remains of the lava that was poured down during the Mayon Volcano's 2006 eruption. Once you're on top of the lava wall, enjoy the view of Mayon Volcano and its surroundings. Pump up your adrenaline with a zipline from the top of the lava wall down to your hiking starting point!


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