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About Mayon ATV Tour

How it started

The original and creator of the famous Mayon ATV Tours in the Legazpi City is the "Your Brother Travel and Tours" that was establish on 2011. Our ATV site is located at Brgy. Pawa Legazpi City. The activities that were created for everyone have a safetiness to ensure a safe way to get a glimpse of adventure in Mayon Volcano. All of these can be experience by everyone from all ages and is a rain or shine activity that visitors and tourists can enjoy with different choices of activities and amenities that we offer. We have a wide variety of outdoor services that you may try here in Legazpi City Albay which has been organized and developed by our company.

ATV Services

150cc Single Seater ATV

A unit which can be Driven by 1 person only this unit is Fully Automatic and can be driven easily by anyone this ATV is recommended for Mayon ATV challenge and can also be used going to the Basecamp which is a more longer route.

250cc/350cc Single Seater ATV

A unit which can be Driven by 1 person only this unit is Fully automatic and can be driven easily by anyone the unit is more Bigger and Comfortable because of its better suspension and built. A well recommended ATV unit that can be used going to the basecamp and Advance Trail.

350cc Double Seater ATV

A unit that can be Driven by 1 person and can Backride 1 person at the back. this can be used by 2 changing drivers and is fully automatic and has a Big Comfortable Seats for two people and has a wide compartment, this can be used in any trail and can go longest trail which s the 4 hour Mayon ATV summit.

Canadian American 650/800/1000cc ATV

This is our top of the Line ATV which offers a Perfect Offroad Adventure in Mayon, With its Superb Handling and Suspension this ATV units are all power Steering and has V-twin Engine’s and 4 x 4 on command gears. this can be rented per/ hour and can go through different trails. Units can be Riden by two people only.

Some exciting overview pictures...

Some exciting overview videos...

Famous Celebrities riding ATV in Mayon

Celebrities riding an ATV

One of the famous celebrity that had an amazing experience in ATV Mayon is Zac Efron – Hollywood Actor/High School Musical Visited the Philippines Last year for a Concert in Manila and Before the Event he had a chance to Visit Albay and Stayed on One of the Best Resort in the Country which is Misibis Bay known as the little Aman Pulo of the South, The Actor Enjoyed and was Amazed by the Beauty of our country and the Province and one of his Main Activity was an Adventure that he will never forget which is driving an ATV on the Slopes of the Majestic Mayon Volcano.

Many other celebrities enjoyed their riding experience in ATV Mayon Tour. The ATV service Provider is none other than YOUR BROTHER travel and tours ATV service Provider which is Located in Brgy. Pawa of Legazpi City and not any other ATV service Provider here in the Province.

Rates for ATV's

Los Angeles

Mayon ATV Challenge

*approximate time 45 mins

Mayon To LAVA Front

*approximate time 2 hours

Mayon Advance Trail

*approximate time 2 to 2 ½ hours

Mayon ATV Summit

*approximate time 3 to 4 hours

See the beauty of Mayon Volcano

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Phone no. (052) 472-9871
Cellular No. ( +639054557594 / +639272532752 / +639175958859)


Location: Diversion Road of Legazpi city at Brgy. Pawa of Legazpi City

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